Hi I’m Leeanne,

Nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my store! I’m a mum of 5 kids – 4 girls and a boy. We are based in Wangaratta, which is a regional town in Victoria and we are proud to be registered as a certified Australian owned business.

I started The Love Earth Store, originally to fulfil the need to source the most natural, non toxic products for my family, and to also reduce the single plastic use and landfill waste. I then started stocking toxin free, reusable, zero waste, vegan and palm oil free products so that others can do the same for their families

I love being able to share my passion about the over use of plastics and toxic chemicals in our everyday lives. I’m so happy to have a business that can help us help the planet and environment, by reducing the use of plastic, toxic chemicals and reducing waste, and also reducing the products we buy with palm oil in them.

I personally check all the ingredients of products before stocking them, only giving the green light of approval, if they pass my strict ingredients checklist.

All of our packaging for orders is plastic free. We use compostable postage bags, compostable packaging peanuts, tissue paper, shredded paper, and 100% compostable cellophane and paper tape.

We also reuse packaging when possible.

My aim is to help people with their journey to be kinder to the planet.

I truly believe that we are the generation to make a big difference and to make the world a better place for us and future generations.

The Love Earth Store aims to continue to source Natural and Organic, toxic free products that are also Cruelty Free, Fair Trade, Sustainable and Palm Oil Free.

Together we can make the world a better placeĀ