What does the recycling codes on plastics mean

Have you noticed the codes in the triangles on the bottom of your plastic products? You find them on bottles, containers and other plastic packaging products, you will find a triangle with a number inside. These numbers indicate what grade the plastic it is, and how you should recycle it. These codes are so important […]

Earth Oils Information Sheet

What Does “100% Pure” Really Mean? When Essential Oils are referred to as ‘100% Pure’, it means the oil is sourced only from the named botanical species, from only one location or origin. There has been No tampering with the oil, No additives, fillers or dilutions, and No natural or artificial aroma components added. Are […]


The environmental benefits of upcycling are huge, apart from it minimising the volume of discarded materials and waste being sent to landfill each year. Ucycling also reduces the need for production using new or raw materials, and this in turn means a reduction in air pollution, water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions. Upcycling means you can […]

How to reduce your plastic use

Something that myself and my family have been working on is ridding our home of plastic. Since starting this journey, I have really become aware of how much plastic is really overused. Plastic is all around us. It is in our homes, in our workplaces, supermarkets, restaurants, the list goes on. Plastic lines the inside […]

Eco Friendly Camping tips

Camping is a favourite pastime for many people. With a little extra planning, you can help minimise your waste, protect the local wildlife, environment, and lower your impact during your next camping adventure. Here are some tips to help you make your adventure a little more eco friendly. 1.Buy used gear or rent the camping […]